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Aerial Movement

Experience the excitement

Wednesday, June 12th 2019 Starting at 5pm

Learn about Aerial movement

Flying rigs are used to fly scenery or performers in a more elaborate fashion than typical line sets. Flying Theatre enables the rider to experience unique movements during a movie being played on a huge dome screen or in a live theatrical program. The riders are able to move up and down, sideways to both sides, forward and backward. The sensation of flying is enhanced as the riders legs are dangling free.
In this workshop we will explain the components of the rig we use in our show.  How the rig works and how it is attached.  We will also demo the kind of movements that is possible with the current flying rig we use for our show.

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Flight Experience

For those that are daring and adventurous for a small fee of $10 you can be hosted up in the rig and experience the excitement and joy of flying your self.  
If you are interested please